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TrialSite Connect is a research-dedicated social network to bridge the worlds of research, the clinic and the individual. Originating from the rapid growth of TrialSite News, we continue to observe chasms between pharmacompanies, researchers, physicians/clinicians and patients/health consumers.   Although many talk of more “digital engagement”, the existing forums for such endeavors are often funded with specific agendas to brand and showcase a particular pharmaceutical company, product, therapeutic area or patient advocacy group.  

TrialSite Connect was created based on the premise that a research-dedicated social network would be a powerful unifying resource for the entire industry.  A fundamental underpinning of this endeavor is our commitment to not process and sell the aggregate data of TrialSite Connect members.  This presents a marked departure from the legacy social networks of Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.  Additionally, existing industry-specialized social networks are overly exclusionary;  ResearchGate is only for researchers and Doximity is only for physicians.  But what about when different groups want to come together, discuss and even drive new understanding of health information as conditions rapidly unfold during the COVID-19 pandemic?  What social network exists to encourage closing the loop of research engagement while working to ensure data isn’t processed and monetized? TrialSiteConnect is the answer.

TrialSite Connect is open and dedicated to those passionate about research.  We are committed to making continuous updates to improve the community experience offering participants unprecedented access and influence.  And, our Terms of Use and Privacy Commitment (e.g. TrialSite Connect does not aggregate and sell data to advertisers or information intermediaries) reflects our passion, commitment and dedication to re-instilling trust in the health care system.  

As TrialSite News’ audience grows, so too does our conviction to elevate our continued delivery of accessible, unbiased, balanced and transparent research-focused news, opinion and multimedia.   Of course no social network is a place to get medical advice, as that comes from your healthcare provider.

We hope you find TrialSite Connect useful. We have established a help group within TrialSite Connect as well as a features priority list that you can directly contribute to.   Thanks for visiting TrialSite News.